Where is Sugar Island?
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Sugar Island is located in Gananoque, Ontario. Canada. 100 miles north of Syracuse, NY. Follow Interstate Route 81 to the Thousand Islands Bridge and the U.S. Customs Station at the Canadian border. A few hundred yards beyond the last (5th) span of the spectacular bridge Thousand Islands Bridge, exit to the Thousand Islands Parkway West. Follow this along the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River to the Misty Isles Lodge. The Motel is 6 miles (10k.) west of the Thousand Island Bridge.

Sugar Island (which can be recognized by three white flag poles) is visible with the aid of field glasses from the motel dock along a compass bearing of 196 degrees magnetic. It is 2 miles (3.3k) from the docks to the island. You may call the motel for local information, room and/or boat rental reservations. The motel also provides a water taxi service to the island at 613-382-4232. The water taxi provides very convenient manner of transporting camping gear for your entire family for a week. Sometimes, no matter how hard your try, it just will all not fit into your kayak or canoe.

The Interstate Highways make Sugar Island a one-day drive from the Coast of Maine, Virginia, or Detroit, Michigan, (400 miles). Some visitors fly to Syracuse and drive from there to the motel launch site. Charges for parking at the motel are well worth the convenience of launching from there.

Below is an "chart" like drawing of the area. Interstate 81 north crosses Wellesley Island and brings you into Canada. Then you can head west on Highway 2 (The Thousand Islands Parkway) toward Gananoque.