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Sugar Island is located in the heart of the Thousand Islands in Gananoque, Ontario Canada. The 47 acre Island is privately owned by the American Canoe Association. It is available to all members for year round use.

Getting to here is as much of part of your trip as your stay. The island is located approximately one mile from the Canadian Mainland, if you leave the mainland at the Misty Isle Lodge, Gananoque, Ontario. If the winds are calm this is a short paddle to the island. The Lodge offers a water taxi service to the island. Detail's can be arranged by contacting Mrs. Gayle  McBride and 613-382-4232. at the Misty Isles lodge.

This jewel of an island has numerous ground campsites. Once you arrive, choose a campsite, relax and enjoy. You are off the grid. Welcome to a world apart.

What to do on an island you might ask? The island is rustic, with no modern amenities. Staying on the island is camping real time. You are off the grid. My personal view of this island gem is that it is a pristine, pure environment that offers all members of the American Canoe Association an opportunity to experience a canoe/kayak/sail week, weekend or month in a way the is fast becoming extinct. The night skies are a glow with stars. Light pollution is minimal. The air is clean. The water is clear. When the water is calm you can watch the bottom of the river as you paddle along. It is common to see clearly to 20 feet or more below the surface. Snorkeling and swimming are most enjoyable during the warm water months of summer.

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Sugar Island is the large island in the middle of this picture.
The land at the top is the Canandian Mainland.
Visit once, you will be sure to return!