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Come join your fellow American Canoe Association members and celebrate the annual encampment on Sugar Island! The annual encampment will be held Sunday, July 26th opening at noon, thru August 7th, 2009.

Each summer in late July, Sugar Island canoe and kayak club hosts an encampment for paddlers, sailors and all fans of the sport. The island comes alive activities for canoes, kayaks, sailboats, swimming, campfires all for children, young and old. The festivities range from stiff competition to leisurely paddles among the islands. Evening fun can be a quite waterside time to listen to the loons and absorb the moon reflecting on the water or a challenging chess game beside the camp fire at main camp. 

If you wish to mingle with people who have made enjoy canoesport in their lives, then the Sugar Island Encampment is a great place to be. Life-long friendships are made and renewed each year during the encampment.

Camp opens on a Sunday afternoon. Opening ceremony begins with the raising of the flags. The cannon sounds for each flag that is raised, the Canadian Flag, the ACA Flag and the American Flag. In the evenings, at 8:00pm, the folks gather to share the days events as the flags are lowered. You can join in a friendly volleyball game or plan the next days paddle/sail with others on the island.